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#ToMB month 1

For the first month I’ve got a budget of $60. I didn’t have to spend it all so I didn’t for the first month.
I’ve spend my money on the metal box set of Kirai. On the store website it was around $ 41 so I’ve also bought the totem ‘lost love’ which would cost me another $9.50. That left me another $9.50 to spend in the second month.

So for the first month I had to paint 7 models. That was quite of a challenge for me since I have a quite busy real life at the moment, but in the end I succeeded in my attempt (except for the basing of Ikiryo, which changed since the metal box set from a 30 mm to a 50 mm base).

Black cat bases
So for the first month I’ve tried to paint all my models for the first month. I also bought some bases from black cat bases a long time ago, which I’ve used for my crew and they look great for this crew.
I tried to use 2 main colors and one contrast color in all my models. The 2 main colors would be purple and green and the contrasting color will be red. I’ve tried to use them in one form or another in every model.
Ok, so now let’s have a small breakdown of the crew I’ve got for the first month and give my impressions of her playstyle.

For my basic crew I’ve got the following set-up:
1x Kirai Ankoku
1 x Ikiryo
1x Datsu Ba
2x Onryo
1 x Seishin
1x Lost love

Without upgrades this crew is 22 SS with a cache of 3. It’s not the most expensive crew in the resurrectionist’s  range and I’ll probably have to buy a lot more models to get at a decent 50 SS crew, but that’s something we can work on in the following months.

The crew itself:
If you look at the cards for this crew you can see that some of the key models have a cost of 0 and they can only be summoned by Kirai or her crew. So she really has a summoning crew and can really buy some other interesting models that can fulfill different roles in her crew that her spirits perhaps can’t accomplish or have some difficulties with.

Her crew itself isn’t that quick, but she and her crew can use some movement tricks to get her models into position. Kirai can switch models around and some of her other models can push friendly spirits around or make them take a walk action.
Her models have a decent survivability because of the incorporeal special rule. They don’t have that much wounds but the crew have a decent range of healers so that they can restore damage they’ve got from enemy attacks or summoning spells.

The crew uses wounds as a resource. Most of the summoning works as follows: you target a friendly model. You summon a spirit into base contact and both your models suffer half the summoned models wounds total. So you can potentially summon 2 models of one of your own model, but the chance will be high that the original model will be killed in the process.

The theme this crew works with is the condition ‘adversary’. This condition will make your spirits better against the model with the ‘adversary’ special condition. For example a spirit gets a + flip to attack flips when a model has the’ adversary’ special rule. So you need to give enemy models this condition as soon as possible during your turn.

Now up to the models themselves

Kirai Ankoku
She is the master and the most important member of the crew in my opinion. She is the one that does most of the summoning, be it via spells or her innate abilities. She can let Ikiryo pop out and let it deal lots of damage, but she can summon a spirit she needs at that time.
She has a low Df, but the Manipulative 12 gives her some kind of defence against Attacks. She also has a defensive trigger which deflects attacks onto friendly spirit models within 2’’.
She has one basic shooting attack with a decent range of 12 and a decent damage spread. There are 2 good things about this attack; first you don’t have to randomize when shooting into an engagement and also give the ‘adversary’ condition when it succeeds.
She can summon a seishin for a 0 action and can also summon other spirit models for a 1 action. The higher the Ss cost of the summoned model, the more difficult the casting will be.
Also she can switch positions of 2 friendly spirits for a 1 action.

Finished in time to see that the 30 mm has to be a 50 mm
This model is only available through Kirai or her totem.
He is a beatstick and has a large range of 9. His walk is only 2 so he really needs to get the charge off.
He can push spirits 4 inch toward this model (more movement tricks).
He is also incorporeal and his attacks ignore armor.
Overall he is great model and it’s free to boot (after the card or 1 SS cost).

Datsu Ba
It is the only henchmen in the crew.
He is incorporeal and terrifying all 12.
Both his shooting and melee attack have a decent 6 and a crow.
It has also 2 0 actions which are both movement tricks. One to deny walk actions on enemy models and 1 for your own spirits (a free walk action).
Overall this is a great model, the only downside is the great choices in 0-ctions ( and another upgrade which also give it a 0-action).
Also he is one of the only models in the basic crew that has the undead characteristic which means you can use this model to pop Ikiryo out.

In the base set you get 2 models in the crew. These models are the ones you need to hand out the ‘adversary’ condition, because every time they suffer damage from an enemy model they pulse and hand out the condition.
Also they have a casting that hands out the ‘adversary’ condition.
They also can hand out poison to models, which can be handy with some of the models I’m going to buy in the coming months.
Overall a good model for a SS cost of 5.

Another spirit that is free. Only Kirai’s crew can summon them. You can have up to 5, but I don’t think you’ll ever have more than 3 on the board at one time.
They can give out more protection by sacrificing them and make a model immune to blast damage and pulses.
The trick with this model is to use this model to summon in other more expensive models. The only downside will be that you need to kill off this seishin in order to summon your more expensive model.

Lost love
He is the totem of the crew. He can also summon in Ikiryo with one of his ability.
He can place himself into contact with a friendly Master or henchman with 12’’ for a 1 action and he can also heal spirits or the leader.
I find this model to be a great addition to the crew. He is 4 SS but the amount of damage it can heal is great. (Basically, every point you heal on a incorporeal model is 2 points worth).

This crew works great together and once you can set up in a place where you feel you can accomplish some of your strategies and schemes. From there you can send out your models to accomplish the different schemes and strategies.
I think you need a turn or 2 to set up and summon in the more expensive models, but once it gets going and you have several models with the adversary condition I think you can kill off those more important models more quickly.
The only thing the crew is suffering from in this stage of the build is the lack of models that can actually go out and accomplish schemes. You need most of your models in the vicinity of Kirai to get the most out of the model. Once they get separated they can be picked off quite easily.
In the future I will be looking into models that are more beefy and can go venture out on their own to accomplish some VP hunting.

For my second  month I am looking into some models that I can summon in.
I think I will be getting a shikome to start with and another packet of seishin.
If I’ve got some more money to spend I might get some more spirit models like Jaakuna ubume and some drowned. I feel these models are very thematic and will add some additional movement tricks and damage types (hazardous terrain as a damage dealer).
To top the list off I will be getting some Gaki models (they can be summoned in after a few triggers) and some standard undead models (like a rotten belle or a flesh construct) to have more of the undead characteristic into the crew.

I guess that is everything for the first Tomb month. Hope you all liked it and hopefully I’ll get a new post done in time for next month.

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